MMLN - Binghamton and Brooklyn Videos

Look inside for video of Zach Lutz in Double-A

Want to know what Jenrry Mejia looked like in his last Double-A start? Want to know what Cory Vaughn's home run swing looks like? How about a look at Darrell Ceciliani? Look inside for those videos plus more exclusive videos of prospects from Binghamton and Brooklyn.

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Jenrry Mejia showing his repertoire:

More Jenrry Mejia...funny enough at about the 40 second mark in this video, you can hear me whistle after Mejia fires a 94 MPH cutter on the outside corner.

Here is Josh Satin. If you recall previous editions of MMLN, you read about all the movement in Satin's swing. Here is a great example of it.

Zach Lutz at the plate and running down the line:

Jordany Valdespin:

More Jordany Valdespin:

Darrell Ceciliani:

J.B. Brown:

Cory Vaughn blasts a home run. I didn't track the ball flight, but trust me, it was a blast.

Patrick Farrell-note the hand pump I mentioned in the last MMLN. You can see it here:

Here is Wilfredo Tovar. Notice the short, compact, contact swing I mentioned in the last MMLN.

More Ceciliani:

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