44 Years Later, the Mets Return to Buffalo

44 Years Later, the Mets Return to Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY - After two years of virtual seclusion in the Pacific Coast League, the Mets Triple-A club has found a new home in Buffalo. It is now the third minor league affiliate located in New York and as Bisons Director of Public Relations Brad Bisbing told InsidePitchMagazine.com, the hope is for a long lasting relationship.

It had been more than forty years since Buffalo, New York has had a connection to the New York Mets—when the Buffalo Bisons were the first Triple-A affiliate for the major league ball club during the 1963-1965 seasons.

Times have certainly changed for both teams since 1965; the Mets became "amazin'" under the Old Professor; Tom "Terrific" and a band of loveable losers won the 1969 World Series, Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner became household names, a subway series brought in the new millennium and Citi Field replaced Shea Stadium.

When you shuffle off to Buffalo, the Bisons have since played in a rockpile, hosted "the greatest player that ever lived," he was said to be quite a natural, took off from Pilot Field in the 80s, finally landing in Coca-Cola, added an extra "A" and played with Indians and Pirates and pale-hoses.

Now, the 2009 season has reunited the Queen city with the major league team from Queens—rekindling an excitement for baseball that murmurs through Buffalo Bisons fans.

Director of Public Relations Brad Bisbing commented on the new affiliation.

"It's been a great experience right since September when we announced the signing of the two-year player development contract with the New York Mets—there has been a lot of excitement here in Western New York about aligning with what is one of the marquee franchises in all of sports," he said.

"It was great to have Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya and a lot of the Mets staffing that came out to the park in September. I think that the Mets were happy to get back into the International League and have a Triple-A affiliate here in Buffalo, here in New York State."

"For us, the excitement is in being aligned with a team like the Mets that has a lot of star power, the class in which they have always treated their minor league affiliates, you saw how well they treat their players with guys like Nick Evans and Daniel Murphy and all those guys that came up to the Mets for a pennant run at the end of the season."

"So I think that Bisons fans see, now, the excitement of being aligned with the Mets. We chose to be associated with the Mets anticipating a long relationship, with being their Triple-A affiliate."

"What has been great to see is how many Mets fans there are in Western New York, our opening day ceremony, tons of people in the stands were wearing Mets hats and I don't know all the factors playing into why the fans have opened up to the Mets," Bisbing continued.

"But, having the SNY network broadcasting games here in Buffalo let's sports fans in Western New York follow the careers of a Bisons player, they can follow the careers of these players at the major league level which is something they couldn't do before with the Indians in the past since the Indians games were blacked out. I think that that is a huge benefit for our fans."

So step right up and meet the new Mets, those boys in Buffalo, the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons.

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