Tool Time: Top Defensive Infielders

Bowman is a great defensive third baseman

Who are the infield prospects that have the defensive ability to play in the Major Leagues right now? analyzes the top defensive infielders in the Mets' system.

5) SS, Corey Ragsdale: Ragsdale's great defensive abilities at shortstop are the reason why the Mets have been so patient waiting for his bat to come around. With his plus range, plus arm, and great glove-work, he has the natural ability to rank higher on this list. But the big problem over his career, one which has consistently led to his high error totals each season, is his inability to decide when to hold on to the ball instead of trying to make the impossible play. His range allows him to catch anything hit anywhere near him and the confidence he has in his strong arm causes him to make errant throws when the play calls for keeping in his back pocket.

4) SS, Jose Coronado: Coronado has some of the best range at shortstop, routinely making plays on balls most shortstops wouldn't be able to get to. He is very good at positioning himself in the field and reads balls well coming off of the bat. Coronado also has great hands and can short-hop balls with the best of them. His arm is solid, albeit not spectacular, but his throws are extremely accurate. He could stand to release the ball a little quicker as that has been the main reason for his error totals thus far, but at 20 years old, the Mets feel that is something he will outgrow with more experience.

3) C, Yasmil Bucce: Even with just a shade over 100 professional at-bats in the United States, Bucce's special defensive abilities behind the plate are advanced enough to play in the Major Leagues right now. He has the quickest release and strongest arms at catcher for the Mets in a long time, quite the statement considering the excellent defensive catchers they've had, and currently have, over the years. Bucce is excellent at blocking balls in the dirt, framing pitches, and working with his pitchers. If he can develop his offensive game enough to grab a starting role, he has Gold Glove potential.

2) 2B/SS, Anderson Hernandez: Mets fans got a brief glimpse of his terrific defensive ability at Shea Stadium last year. The natural shortstop has been playing mostly second base for the Mets since being acquired from the Detroit Tigers and his unbelievable range is on par with that of Jose Reyes. He has very soft hands and, while he couldn't showcase it at second base last year, he has one of the strongest infield arms in the entire organization. His Gold Glove caliber defense at both shortstop and second base should afford him many opportunities to stick around.

1) 3B, Shawn Bowman: Bowman is not only the best defensive infielder in the Mets farm system, but one of the best in all of minor league baseball. He has innate reactionary ability and baseball instincts to go along with soft hands and a superb throwing arm at third base. The former shortstop boasts plus range and he seems born to play third base. "Bowman's glove is simply where potential doubles go to die", one American League scout told Throw in the fact he is a natural leader on the field with the ability to speak fluent Spanish, he is the ideal defensive general to lead any team. Recommended Stories