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The U Files # 59: The Bull in the Pen

Weathers logged 86.2 innings for Howe in '03

The Mets had made it a focus under the management of Steve Phillips to maintain a corps of (expensive) veteran relief pitchers that would provide above average support to the Mets starting pitchers. The Mets continued the practice of having high paid relievers form the core of the bullpen in 2003 with the signing of Mike Stanton and the carryover of David Weathers. This edition of the Met relief corps, however, did not generate the expected performance associated with some of those dollars.

The evaluation of a relief pitcher is complicated by the fact not all the runners on base for a reliever are his own, and he is not in control of the fates of all the runners he puts on base. This can make ERA unreliable in this area. A better way to look at bullpen arms is implemented by Baseball Prospectus and posted for free on their website, Adjusted Runs Prevented (ARP). It uses the number... Recommended Stories