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Q&A with Mets 31st Round Pick Vance Vizcaino

Vizcaino is going to be a summer follow

With their 31st round pick in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft, the Mets selected shortstop Vance Vizcaino out of Wakefield High School in North Carolina. In this exclusive Draft Day Q&A, he talks about his process of being drafted by the organization, who he'd compare his game to at the professional level, if he's looking to sign quickly, and more. Tell us what it feels like to be selected by the Mets. Vance Vizcaino: I mean, it feels really good. I've never been, like, this happy. It's a relief to see your name on the list. You're sitting there wondering when your name's gonna get called and by whom, and [I'm] definitely glad it was the Mets because they got a good organization and it's starting to show in the... Recommended Stories