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Rays 2012 Draft: Wrap-up With Frankie Piliere

Rays 1st-round pick Richie Shaffer

Now that the 2012 draft is over, it is time to take at look at some of the players the Rays selected and try to ascertain how they may impact the franchise in the future. We sat down with's Frankie Piliere to get the low-down on some of the Rays top picks, as well as to discuss how the franchise did overall in making their selections this year.

Rays Digest: I guess a good place to start would be with the Rays first round pick, Richie Shaffer. I know you have done a scouting report on him for the site, but could you tell me a little bit more about what kind of player the Rays got with him? Frankie Piliere: We'll have to see how the Rays view him, but I know most of the scouts out there - and I'd like to include myself in that - don't... Recommended Stories