Flores Working Through Sluggish Start

Flores is hitting .296, but wants more power

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – Wilmer Flores gained a lot of attention in the offseason and during spring training - and rightfully so. Flores is anticipated to have a breakthrough year, but that has yet to materialize as the shortstop is off to a comparatively slow start. But a slow start has not discouraged Flores, who is working hard to push through April and get his season going.

Wilmer Flores has become a large part of the St. Lucie Mets offense since joining the club last summer. However, he's struggled to find his power at the plate so far this season – he is hitting .296 but has zero home runs and only three doubles – but maintains his focus on changing that quickly.

"I'm glad to be back here, I really liked it here last season. I'm still struggling at the plate this season but it'll come. I just need to get back into a rhythm when I'm at the plate. I've had this issue before and I just hit a lot at the cages when we're not playing. The more time I spend hitting the quicker it goes away," Flores explained.

He's been putting in numerous hours at the batting cages when he's got down time in between games and practices. Flores says his mental side has been shaken a little bit with the slow start, but that his coaches continue to help him stay upbeat.

"The coaches want me to stay positive and keep focused when I'm out there. They see how hard I work at this and we both know I can shake this," he discussed.

Flores has become a student of the game and spent his off season pinpointing any weaknesses he had in his footwork. His mobility and growth at the shortstop position this season will likely go a long way toward determining his ultimate position as he moves up the ladder. Currently, he's still focused on maintaining his health along with getting his offense back on par as the season progresses.

"I want to stay healthy this season, but I also think my offense will get better. It's going to take some time though. My footwork came a long way during the off season. That was my main focus this off season," Flores revealed. "It's a long season and you're dinged up by the end of it so staying at your best for as long as you can is really key."

Flores was selected to the South Atlantic League Mid-Season All-Star game last season before being called up to St. Lucie in July. He finished the season batting .289 with 84 RBI's off of 160 hits. He's looking to maintain his prowess on offense as his defense improves in his first full season in Port St. Lucie.

"I really like playing here, and I'm very comfortable with the players and coaches. It was an adjustment last season being called up midway through the season, but I'm really at home here. I can play pretty loose and just keep my focus easier now that I'm adjusted to playing here," he finished.

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