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Preseason: The Top 40 Mets' Prospects

We Know Who Ranks #1, But Who Ranks Second?

The Mets' farm system has come a long way, baby. This improvement was predicted here before the 2002 season. Since the Mets were coming off back-to-back quality drafts when combined with improvement in their Latin program, it was an easy improvement to predict. As most analysts rank farm systems based upon long season talent that had not made an impact in 2001. Thus, the Mets farm system was generally ranked in the 27 to 29 range before 2002 when generally ranked in the 12-14 range after.

As more of the 2000 and 2001 draftees move to long season leagues and some long-season minor league veterans emerge in 2003, the farm system should be ranked a little higher after the 2003 season. But, after 2004, the ranking is likely probably decline as the lost draft picks in 2002 and 2003 catch up with the system. After Kazmir, Adam Elliott, Bob Malek, and Jon Slack, the Mets took many high... Recommended Stories