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Post-Season 9: Nine Burning Questions Part II

Cory Vaughn headlined the top of the draft board continues to answer nine of the pressing questions facing the Mets farm system now that the 2010 season is over. In the second part, we ask, what can be taken away from the 2010 draft class? Who, if anyone, will be ready to contribute in 2011? What area needs more prospects? Find the answers to those questions and more.

5. What can be taken away from the 2010 draft? The Mets bucked their draft style of 2009 which was to go young in the draft. In 2010, the organization committed a complete 180 from that approach. The Mets' first five picks this year all hailed from major collegiate programs. Top pick Matt Harvey, third round pick Blake Forsythe, fourth round pick Cory Vaughn, fifth round pick Matt Den... Recommended Stories