Satin Simply Continues To Hit

Josh Satin is having a great year at the plate

BINGHAMTON, NY - Josh Satin's long term projection was undecided prior to the season, but the infielder is hitting his way into consideration in 2010. Satin, who has manned the right side of the infield this year, is hitting well over .300 with 38 doubles in St. Lucie and Binghamton and has shown no signs of slowing down.

After a slow start to the season with St. Lucie, Binghamton Mets first baseman Josh Satin put together the best campaign of his career. It took Satin awhile to get into a groove in the Florida State League, but he eventually turned it on and earned himself a promotion to Binghamton on June 15.

Satin hasn't had any trouble adjusting to the Double-A level; he's hitting .325 over 66 games with the B-Mets. Although he's observed that the pitchers are more talented in Double-A, he hasn't altered his approach too much. Executing his game plan has been an integral factor in his success.

"I think that once you get to this level, everyone's capable of making the big leagues." Satin said. "The pitchers, they can all throw a couple of pitches for strikes at any time. You've got to have a plan, get your best estimate of what they're trying to do with you and just react from there."

Over 124 combined games between St. Lucie and Binghamton, Satin is hitting .321 with 11 home runs and 72 RBI. Staying patient at the plate is one of the keys to consistent hitting, and Satin has done just that not just throughout this season, but at every stop of his career.

"My swing is catered toward hitting the ball the other way," Satin said. "I make sure never to get too jumpy at the ball and really let the ball come to me. I don't try to force home runs or anything, just let the pitch come to you and hit the ball the other way."

"With that, it's easier to react to off-speed pitches because you're not trying to do too much," he continued. "So I've just tried to be consistent with my swing and going the other way as much as I can, and when (pitchers) make mistakes that's when doubles and home runs happen."

Coincidently, Satin has experienced a power surge during his recent hot streak. He has hit in 24 of his last 27 games, during which he has 12 doubles, five homers, 24 runs and 21 RBI. All five home runs have come since August 10. Satin doesn't fancy himself a power hitter, though.

"Some guys have a lot of power and can hit any pitch out," he said. "For me, you've got to know when it's time to really drive a ball. Usually the only time I really hit home runs is when I'm ahead in the count and I think a fastball is coming, then I'll try to put a little extra into it."

"But usually if the pitcher makes a decent pitch, I'm just going to spray it for a single or double," he continued. "I've been able to capitalize on most of their mistakes, which I think is the key to hitting – have a plan and capitalize when they mess up."

Satin mostly played second base before Jordany Valdespin was promoted to Binghamton. Lately he's been playing a lot of first base and has dabbled at third base as well. He's hoping his position flexibility will help him as his career progresses.

"I just want to be as versatile as possible," Satin said. "You never know what the next level or the big league level needs and I just want to be able to do all of it."

The primary goal for Satin the rest of the season is to keep hitting on a consistent basis and head into the off-season on a high note. It can be tough to finish strong after already grinding through 124 games.

Last year was difficult for Satin, who played 132 games after never playing even half that amount in any season prior to that. Yet, he still hit .288 with eight home runs, 65 RBI, and a .389 OBP between Savannah and St. Lucie in 2008.
After his experience from last season, Satin is prepared for what's to come as the season comes to a close.

"Last year the home stretch was actually a good time for me because you feel that adrenaline where you want a final push," he said.

"But right now is the time where you want to finish strong because it doesn't matter what you've done all year, it matters what it looks like at the end. I just want to stay consistent and hopefully we can get some victories and end the season in a positive way." Recommended Stories