Shaw Reshaping His Game In St. Lucie

Shaw has given up 5 ER in 7 IP with St. Lucie

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - Scott Shaw had a positive season in St. Lucie in 2009 with thoughts he would take the next step in Binghamton in 2010. Yet, that development never came. Now after a first half spent with the B-Mets, Shaw is back in St. Lucie retooling his game so he can get back.


Scott Shaw started the season in Binghamton, but after some struggles saw himself back in Port St. Lucie. Shaw saw some success last season with the St. Lucie Mets, and wants to finish the season on a high note.

He has reunited with his pitching coach, Phil Regan, and the two have gone to work on fixing Shaw's problems on the mound.

"Coach Regan is the man I really like him a lot. We are both good friends and I'm glad I got to come back here and work with him. If there I a positive to being brought back down a level its getting to work with Regan again," Shaw revealed.

"I like working with him and he's already tweaked some minor things with me since I've been here. He's been around the game forever, you can learn so much from him in such a short amount of time."

The two work together almost everyday and the individual attention Shaw receives is something he attributes to his steady improvement.

"I just got done working with him and we always get some one on one time with him every day. It's usually by your request, but he's always available for us. We just worked on my follow through and my extension," he said.

The first thing Shaw discovered when he returned to the Florida State League was his mental growth. The right-hander quickly saw how much he had grown in his short time with Binghamton during the first half of the season, despite his struggles on the mound.

Statistically, it was a tough start to the year. Shaw went 4-6 with a 7.97 ERA in 70 innings over 21 appearances (12 starts) with the B-Mets. But the opposition hit .316 off Shaw in addition to his 36 walks and so he was sent back to St. Lucie.

"I was starting, but now I'm in relief so that's a huge adjustment for me. I've struggled finding a comfort level this season. I had that last season and I'm still searching for it right now. I don't think I'm any better or worse, just a lot smarter than I was before," he shared.

"Experiencing the Double-A level and then coming back here I think mentally I've grown the most as a player. The talent is all the same; players are just smarter as you go up the ladder. "

"Players make mistakes that I see and know I couldn't get away with at the next level. I talk with the guys when I see stuff like that," Shaw detailed.

"The talent is the same as it is in AA, but the lack of mistakes is what makes the difference. I think I've advanced just because I have a better mental edge than what I use to have. Being around the game more helps you pick up things you just can't learn starting off. Mentally I'm in a completely different place than I was, I'm really focused and it's a lot harder to rattle me," he continued.

Shaw wants to make the most with his time in Port St. Lucie, and part of that is learning about and sharing experiences with his new teammates. "I'm sure I was right in their shoes last year, but being at a different level and coming back you really see how young guys are here. It was really apparent that it's a different world here and I just thought that this was me last season. "

"I'm adjusting still, but I can show them some stuff and they show me some things too. They don't see me as any better or worse than they are. I'm glad to share my experiences with them, we are all in this together right now," Shaw stated.

Knowing what it'll take to get called back up is a great benefit to Shaw. He uses this standard to create a benchmark that keeps him focused when he's on the mound.

"I've thrown pitches and known that at the next level I wouldn't get away with it. I police myself so that it helps me progress and get sent back up as soon as I can," Shaw said.

"Having a short memory as a pitcher is a great thing to have. If you do really well or really bad you have to be able to move on because in a few days you'll be doing it all over again and the last outing means nothing."

Shaw has shown no signs of disappointment with himself after being called down and struggling for most of the season. He maintains he's making the most of these struggles and has turned them into a positive.

"Everybody is different on how they deal with stuff, but you have to stay even keeled or you'll never develop that mental edge. Having a little bit of cockiness is a good thing for a pitcher too, it's almost a necessity," he stated.

The offseason is slowly creeping up and the post-season plans are already being made. Shaw is hopeful for a winter ball call up, but has no problems getting back to work on his own if his season ends this September.

"I would welcome the opportunity to play winter ball, but they haven't let me know about any of that yet. We'll see what happens, but I'd like to do it," Shaw quoted.

"I usually take it easy for a month and then get back to some serious conditioning back home in Illinois. It's cold and a little hard to find indoor facilities but I still get the job done while I'm up there."

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