Pellot Open To New Options

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - It has been a difficult few years for St. Lucie's Hector Pellot. Hip surgery and the resulting years coming back have been difficult on the former 2nd round pick. Now, Pellot finds himself filling any role possible to get consistent playing time, including seeing time at a new position for the first time in his career.


Hector Pellot has had a long ride since joining the Mets after being selected in the second round of the 2005 Draft. He found success quickly and looked to be on the fast track through the Mets farm system when disaster struck in the form of a season ending hip injury. He needed surgery on it, but says his recovery is complete.

"I had hip surgery in 2008, and I feel really good right now. It doesn't bother me at all. Last year it went ok recovering and playing with it, but this year I'm back to full health," Pellot revealed.

He's spent time with four different Mets squads since 2005. His longest tenure is with the St. Lucie Mets, one he's extremely fond of.

"I played the entire season last season here and the team is really close. It's nice being here over the past few seasons and I think we have a really good locker room. We have very good players and prospects," he said.

Pellot is no stranger to being the new guy in a locker room after being called up or being sent down. He knows the adjustments to a new team takes time, but a friendly atmosphere makes the transition go that much quicker.

"When we have a guy called up or down it's usually an easy transition into the locker room. We welcome everyone which helps build team unity and makes playing here that much better," Pellot stated.

Pellot has spent time in Binghamton this season where he hit .145 in 21 games, but he uses that experience to help guide some of his teammates. He knows what it takes to play at the next level, and is looking for the same consistency himself.

"On offense its easier here, the pitchers have less control and are more erratic. At the next level you have to be a lot smarter and more patient. The talent gap is a lot better and they will utilize your tendencies against you if you let them," He mentioned.

"From Savannah to here is not that much of a step, but from here to Double-A is a huge step up. It's really like night and day, they will find the hole in your swing and pound it till you fix it."

Pellot is a flexible defender for the St. Lucie Mets. He plays both second base and moved to center field for the first time in his career this season.. These are two very different positions as far as defensive adjustment are concerned. The focused right-hander thinks he's got things under control however.

"Its hard playing in the infield versus he outfield. The mindset is totally different, considering in the infield you're focused on stopping the ball and in the outfield you're focused on stopping the runner," Pellot explained. "It's a big difference but if you stay focused and pay attention it becomes a lot easier."

Simulating game speed is tough for coaches to do. Batting practice is one of the closest things defenders can use to simulate actual game play. Pellot is no different and has come to understand how important batting practice can be every day.

"Batting practice is so important for defense because that's the closest you'll get to a real game situation. So you have to take that time seriously and act like its real time game speed," He described.

Batting practice is not the only tool used by the coaches to help improve their team's defense. Studying the hitting tendencies and batting orders of the opposition is another crucial tactic used. This shows players that there is more to just fielding and hitting when it comes to baseball.

"We play defensive shifts on the hitters tendencies. That's one reason studying the opposing teams lineup is so important. If you know where they like to hit the ball it makes your job on defense that much easier," Pellot outlined.

Pellot had to battle for playing time earlier in the season, but a move to the outfield has inserted him back into the lineup. To regain the momentum he lost to hip surgery, Pellot must take advantage of every opportunity.

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