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The U Files #31: Of Turmoil and Turnover

Replacing Fonzy With Wiggy Possibly Negates Moves

A staple of the Mets over the past few years is turnover. The roster has almost entirely turned over since the team reached a zenith in 1999. Save for Mike Piazza, Al Leiter, and John Franco, the roster would be unrecognizable. Much of the Mets crazed manipulation of late has been driven by a felt need to fix what hasn't been working as expected. One would naturally wonder whether these moves will actually transform the team.

Here I will strive to determine what effect the sum of the Mets moves in the recent off-season will have. By move, I mean any act that will affect a change of the team's operational roster. I will compare the contributions that would be expected of the departed players with the contributions to be expected of the new Mets and sum the number of runs gained or lost. Then, I will use the... Recommended Stories