Q&A with Mets 22nd Round Pick Brandon Brown

Brown was selected 662nd overall

With the 22nd pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, the New York Mets selected shortstop Brandon Brown out of the University of South Alabama. Inside Pitch caught up Brown to talk about the many parts of his game, his draft process, where and how he sees himself fitting with the Mets, and more.

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InsidePitchMagazine.com: Tell us what is going through your mind right now after being selected by a team like the New York Mets?

Brandon Brown: This truly is a dream come true. You always dream of getting drafted as a kid and this really is a special day for me.

Inside Pitch: Were you surprised it was the Mets that selected you? Did you and the Mets have any discussions leading up to the draft?

Brown: I was surprised to be honest. I've talked to them some along with the Marlins but I wasn't really sure who would take me. My conversations have been pretty brief with them up to this point.

Inside Pitch: Do you have any ideas of what the Mets' organization or farm system is like?

Brown: They called when I was drafted and I think I'll be going to Kingsport to play with the squad there. I'm excited about it.

Inside Pitch: How do you feel your amateur days have prepared you for the jump to professional ball?

Brown: I've been blessed with great coaches starting with my Dad. I've played with good coaches on almost every team I've been on from little league and through high school and college.

Inside Pitch: Did you have any expectations of where you may have gone in the draft? Did you have any range of rounds you anticipated being selected or did you just prepare to be drafted at any time?

Brown: I really thought I'd go a lot later being a senior and all. I was expecting to be a third day pick for sure, but I'm glad I wasn't.

Inside Pitch: Getting to your game, what areas do you think are the strongest? What areas will you focus on improving once your professional career begins?

Brown: My defense and arm are my strengths. I've got a good swing, but I need to improve on my batting some. I finished this season with a .270 average and that needs to go up for sure. I think it can too; I'm getting smarter as a batter.

Inside Pitch: You play shortstop and you have pitched during your college career. Where do you see yourself staying? Do you have experience at any other positions? Have the Mets given you an idea of what role they may assign you?

Brown: Oh I'll be staying at shortstop, but I've played centerfield and third base too. I even was a closer last season so I'm versatile and can help wherever they need me but I think I'll be at shortstop.

Inside Pitch: To give our readers a little bit of an idea of what you look like out on the field, what big leaguer would you compare yourself to?

Brown: I'm not good enough to even do them justice. Those guys are really good, one of these days I will, but right now I just need to stay focused on getting to that level.

Inside Pitch: What was your favorite team and your favorite player growing up?

Brown: Well the Mets are now, but the Braves were big in our house growing up in Pensacola. My brother played for them for a while so that was always a big deal for me growing up.

Inside Pitch: What would you say is your best moment in baseball so far?

Brown: Winning the state championship was for sure, but being drafted is special in its own way. I'm really excited for this opportunity.

Inside Pitch: As I'm sure you know, New York is known for its high intensity atmosphere. What do you think about the prospects of one day playing in New York.

Brown: I just hope one day to make it there. I know it will take a lot of hard work and it's a way off but it's a goal of mine for sure.

Inside Pitch: What are your immediate plans now that you have been drafted by the Mets? Is it your intention to sign now and start your professional career immediately?

Brown: Tommy Jackson said I would be going to Kingsport, but we are going to talk again this week to nail everything down. I think it'll be a little bit before I head over there, but I know it's going to be a good summer.

South Alabama head coach Steve Kittrel: "Brandon throws 90 mph on the mound and is a good shortstop. He has a great arm and is very versatile with lots of tools. He needs to make some adjustments hitting at the next level and needs to use the whole field when he's on offense. He's a smart player and learns quickly so I know he'll be fine. He was a great team leader while he was here."

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