Q&A with Mets 2010 30th Round Pick Josh Edgin

Edgin was the Mets' last pick on Day Two

With their 30th round pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, the New York Mets selected left-hander Josh Edgin out of Francis Marion University. Inside Pitch caught up with Edgin to learn more about his repertoire, his style of pitching, his thoughts on being drafted, and more.

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InsidePitchMagazine: First I'd like to say congratulations on being selected by the Mets. Can you give a glimpse into what went through your mind when you were drafted?

Josh Edgin: I was very happy. I went into the draft after my senior year and I really just wanted my shot. It was one of those things with emotions you can't really explain. I was really happy, my parents were really happy and I'm looking forward to getting out there and see what I can do.

Inside Pitch: Were you surprised that it was the Mets that drafted you? Did you and the organization have any discussions leading up to the draft?

Edgin: I had talked to my area scout a little bit, but it wasn't that much talking. We had maybe one or two phone conversations. Being a senior, I went to the Braves last year in the 50th round but didn't sign. This year, I figured being a senior I may have needed to go through the free agent road but I was surprised when my name came up in the 30th round.

Inside Pitch: Well this certainly sounds like it isn't your first time going through the process. Now that you're a senior and you were drafted, do you have any ideas on what the Mets farm system is like?

Edgin: I hear it's okay. I haven't had a chance to do any research or anything. I had to get up early for work this morning and went to bed early last night, so I didn't really know anything about the draft until this morning. I know there are teams in Brooklyn, Kingsport and of course the Gulf Coast League. As far as that goes, that's all I know right now.

Inside Pitch: How do you feel your amateur days have prepared you to make a jump to pro ball?

Edgin: I feel like college prepared me pretty well. I think my preparation goes along with the way I pitch. Going from an aluminum bat league to a wood bat league will be interesting to see because I like to pitch inside a lot. That may help make things easier, not saying it'll be easy, but maybe easier because I already like to pitch inside. I played in a wood bat league last summer and I think I actually had more success there than I did in my last season of college ball. I feel like it has prepared me. The competition we had was pretty good.

Inside Pitch: Being a left-hander, can you explain what kind of pitcher you are and what kind of role you may see yourself fitting into?

Edgin: My scout texted me before the club picked me up and asked me about a bullpen job. Now, I've always been a starter but I consider myself a bulldog out there and I just keep going at people and don't try to finesse anything. I can hit my locations. I don't have that outstanding breaking ball that will completely throw someone off.

Inside Pitch: Will the breaking ball be one of the first things you work on when you get started? Can you describe the rest of your repertoire?

Edgin: I have a fastball, cutter, slider and changeup. My fastball is my best pitch. I have trouble with the slider. Some days it will be really good and other days I just can't find the same spot or feel for the pitch as when it feels really good. That's something I need to work on. I think I have a pretty decent changeup, but that too will need work. I could always use work.

Inside Pitch: Is there a big league player out there today whose style you take something away from? Is there a player out there you see some of yourself in?

Edgin: Just the way I pitch I think is like Jeremy Bonderman, but I'm not exactly sure whose style I look like. I think I just have my own style where I just out there and throw and attack.

Inside Pitch: What was your favorite team and who was your favorite player growing up?

Edgin: I'd say my favorite player growing up was always Cal Ripken Jr. I wouldn't say I really have a current favorite. I just like to watch, critique and examine the game.

Inside Pitch: Obviously the hard work you put in could someday get you to New York. Have you given any thought to the prospects of one day playing in New York?

Edgin: It has crossed my mind. I've been to New York City two times and I loved being there. It's just an extraordinary place that's very different than where I come from. It'd be an honor to get a chance to play there someday.

Inside Pitch: Being a four-year senior, is it safe to say it's your intention to sign and get your career started?

Edgin: This whole time I just wanted a shot and get into a system. If it works out, it works out and if it doesn't, it doesn't but I will know that I gave it my best shot. So yea, I'm looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I can do. Having the opportunity to play means a lot to me.

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