Moviel Looking For Consistency

Moviel Looking For Consistency

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - The 2010 season has been a battle for St. Lucie Mets pitcher Scott Moviel. The right-hander's second stint through the Florida State League has been a battle. The fourth-year right-hander knows that for his game to take the next step, he needs to find the consistency that will breed regular success. He explained those thoughts to

Scott Moviel has had a rocky season so far in St. Lucie. He is 2-5 on the season with a 6.93 ERA in 10 appearances so far this season. Moviel looked out of place for most of April, but entered May on a mission. He got both of his wins on the season in his first two starts last month and had a 1.46 ERA during that span.

Since then things have gone sideways for the 6-foot-11 right-hander. He has lost three consecutive starts and has shown little consistency during those outings.

"Consistency comes when you work with your bullpen and listen to (pitching coach) Phil (Regan). I take a lot of notes, both on the good and bad things that I've done in a game. This way I can track my progress. You forget a lot of things as you go along from high school to here, having reminders always helps," he divulged.

Moviel has a dominating breaking ball and an elusive change up when he's on top of his game. Finding that consistency and eliminating these Jekyll and Hyde performances is Moviel's top priority going into June.

"I've hit a rough spot but I've picked up a lot of knowledge. It's not always a bad thing hitting a rough spot, especially in the minor leagues. You can figure out what's wrong and how to fix it for the rest of your career," Moviel explained.

Staying positive during his outings is one thing Moviel takes pride in being able to do. Clearing his mind and starting clean before each start helps the pitcher maintain his composure, even when his confidence begins to wane. "It's humbling because you can cruise though high school and get eighty percent of the hitters out. When you don't succeed it's a reality check, you think about whether you belong or not."

"Keeping positive thoughts is the most import thing I have learned. You have to have confidence that you are the man when you step on the mound. You can't dwell on what's going wrong or it consumes you," he passionately explained.

"Staying consistent and positive are the two main things I've learned in being more productive."

Pitchers need to have a short memory from outing to outing. The box score can be as big of an enemy as it can be a friend to these young prospects. Moviel has learned that reading about past performances can stick with him going into his next trip to the mound.

"I go back and look at what I did. The box score can get to you. I don't remember if I pitched good or bad, having a short memory is a good thing. Getting two wins in a row and then getting that third win is important, it gets you into a rhythm," he said.

Confidence and staying in a routine are two of the most important keys to success for these pitchers. Many times this confidence comes from being comfortable in their surroundings. Moviel is in the middle of his second season with St. Lucie and familiarity with his surroundings helps him regain his confidence after a bad game.

"There is not much difference in this season to last season, there are some new hitters I haven't seen, but not much has changed. That helps me keep my confidence, knowing I've had success before I can have it again," Moviel stated.

When in rhythm, Moviel can be very difficult to hit given his size combined with the life on his pitches. Both his breaking ball and changeup have made him a valuable member of the St. Lucie Mets rotation this season.

"My Breaking ball improves by playing catch, its like batting practice for hitters. It gives you time to get a feel and work on your control. It's hard to keep the feel going into the offseason," he said. "Throwing a successful change up is like being able to throw it like your fastball. It has to look like the same and you just grip it and rip it,"

Moviel has the tools and the talent to be a very good pitcher at any level. St. Lucie pitching coach, Phil Regan, has been a large part of Moviel's success and will continue to help bring the big righty along this season. His consistency issues have been a monkey on his back so far in his career, but they are also his main focus for improvement. Recommended Stories