Santomauro Back In Action

Santomauro is off to a slow start off the DL

SAVANNAH, GA - Nick Santomauro was supposed to start the season with the rest of the Savannah Sand Gnats. That didn't happen due to injury, but now the outfielder is back in the everyday lineup and trying to find his rhythm. Inside Pitch caught up with Santomauro to talk about his rehab and his season so far.


Nick Santomauro is looked at as somewhat of a sleeper on the Sand Gnats roster, and has the potential to really contribute to the team in the future. First, though, he needs to overcome a slow start that last left him hitting only .159 in 21 games.

Santomauro had a good debut season in Brooklyn where he hit .241 with six home runs and 21 RBI. Although his experience with the Sand Gnats is limited, Santomauro has the skills to be a more valuable contributor once he finds a rhythm.

Santomauro suffered an injury that kept him in the dugout for the first two months of the season, but he is just about done with the healing process and is eager to get back on the field and contribute.

"I strained my elbow pretty bad during spring training and I've been doing a lot of strengthening of the elbow. It's been a slow recovery coming back but I got back on the field and showed up about a week later here," said Santomauro.

His spring training work out was limited, but he managed to get in a few work outs to build his strength back and developed a schedule that he stuck with everyday.

"It was pretty good. I couldn't hit for about two weeks after the injury but when I got back I was feeling decent enough to play and I've just been going about my routine trying to get better everyday," Santomauro said.

The recovery process hasn't been too tough for Santomauro. He was placed on a system to help make improvements that would better his condition.

"In the first week or two I wasn't really able to do anything. I was allowed to hit about two weeks after on a progressive system and I was able to throw shortly after on a progressive system," said Santomauro.

Although he has been away for a while, he doesn't feel as though he has missed out on too much. Santomauro is more concerned about being there for his team than adding to his stat sheet.

" "I don't really look into that too much. I just want to get out here and get going…I don't know so much about catching up…its more about helping the team and not worrying about stats," said Santomauro.

He is still working on getting past the pain in his elbow while he continues to work on his approach at the plate.

"My swing feels okay. It is a little uncomfortable right now, but that's to be expected. I'm not too worried. I'm taking my approach up there with me every single time and I think that's pretty solid right now…it's just a matter of putting everything together," Santomauro explained.

Santomauro loves the competition in Savannah. There are nights when he goes up against a caliber of pitching that is not seen everyday, but he doesn't look at it as a challenge, but more like an incentive.

"Well we've run into some pretty good pitching lately. Two top 100 prospects and then two first rounder's back-to-back but it's a really good experience for me. It's a really good opportunity for me to show what I have. It would be better if I was feeling pretty good right now but it's nice to get out there and face some good quality competition," he detailed.

Although this is his first year on the team, more than of half of teammates this year were a part of the crew in Brooklyn, in which Santomauro was a part of.

"I love the team. I played with most of them last year in Brooklyn. I'm really comfortable with them in that regard. The league so far has pretty good competition and I'm enjoying my time here," said Santomauro.

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