Cohoon Picking Up Where He Left Off

Cohoon is 3-0 in four starts this season

SAVANNAH, GA - Mark Cohoon took the step to Savannah in 2010 after an impressive season in Brooklyn the previous summer. Cohoon knows pitching at the next level will demand more of him, but one wouldn't think it with the start the third-year southpaw is off to. Cohoon spoke about his start and more with


Mark Cohoon is in his first full season with the Savannah Sand Gnats, but it isn't the first time the left-hander has pitched in the South Atlantic League. Cohoon spent the 2009 season in Brooklyn and became the NYPL leader in wins but the lefty, selected by the Mets in the 12th round of the 2008 Draft, got a taste of Savannah during his rookie season.

Last season, Cohoon had a very successful season in Brooklyn and is looking to bring that success to Savannah where he went 2-2 with a 3.82 ERA in seven starts in 2008. Early on, Cohoon noticed some differences in his game, but the changes have made a positive impact in his game individually and the team as a whole.

"I actually repeated the same thing that I ended up with in Brooklyn, which is called three pitches for a strike, and I'm trying to work quick, as in getting the ball and getting back on the mound, and having a good game tempo," Cohoon explained.

"I feel like that helps me a lot because I get ground balls, keep the infield going, and keep the game moving. "It's kind of hard to keep your shoulders behind your back in such a long game. Everybody loses their attention but I feel as though that is what has kept me successful."

Cohoon ended last season on a good note and is looking to maintain the momentum throughout the season. Being able to pick up where he left off last season gives Cohoon a boost in confidence.

"Yea it definitely has, just being able to carry over what I had finished from last year. It makes me feel like this year could keep going the right way," said Cohoon.

The atmosphere in Brooklyn was great but the fans are a little more demanding when it comes to winning. Playing in Brooklyn allowed Cohoon to experience fans who wouldn't tolerate losing where as the fans in Savannah are more composed and aren't concerned about winning as much.

"In Brooklyn they kind of expect you to win. The atmosphere is a little different and here it's a little more laid back. You get to kind of work on things a little bit more but ultimately for me it's about winning so I guess the people there want to see the team do well…here…not so much but everywhere every fan wants to see the team do well," said Cohoon.

Cohoon is confident at the mound and is certain that he can strike any man out. He has 20 punchouts in 23 2/3 innings this season, but it still trying to improve his game by becoming more knowledgeable about hitters.

"I feel like I can throw up three pitches for a strike at anytime. That's one of my biggest strengths. I'm still working on holding the running game, working on sinking my deliveries to home, my looks, different time sequences and what not, and probably just studying and learning more about hitters and having a game plan when I go out there," he detailed.

In spring training, Cohoon focused on building a steady schedule that would help him build a strong start rather than switching back and forth between two diverse procedures.

"I would say getting my routine down. Last year I went between two different routines. This year I have solidified a really good routine, pregame and during the game…just a bunch of different small things that I wouldn't mention because it would take to too long but that's pretty much what I feel as though has helped me," said Cohoon.

Regardless of the routine, Cohoon, who is 3-0 with a 1.90 ERA in four starts, is helping the Sand Gnats to success much like he did for Brooklyn last year and it seems little will slow him down.

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