Harris Ready For Start in Savannah

Harris makes his full season debut in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA - Second base is a spot ripe for opportunity on the organizational depth chart. Perhaps no second baseman at the lower levels is more aware of this than Savannah second baseman Alonzo Harris. Harris had his best year in Kingsport last season, but is ready to take the next step now that he has moved on to South Atlantic League.

Second baseman Alonzo Harris is relatively new to the Savannah Sand Gnats roster. Harris, who got a taste of Savannah at the end of the 2009 season, was drafted by the Mets in the 39th round of the 2007 Amateur Draft. Instead of accepting a Big XII scholarship, Harris opted to sign with the Mets and begin his career in the Gulf Coast League.

Harris is a small second baseman, but boasts very good athleticism that played well right out of the chute. Harris impressed during his GCL debut by hitting .308 with five home runs in 104 at-bats.

He followed up his rookie performance with a strong season in Kingsport that gained him even more attention. In 2009 with the K-Mets, Harris hit 10 home runs and stole 15 bases, demonstrating the his power and blazing speed.

Harris knew the 2010 season was going to be very different, and that started with a busy offseason.

"First of all, I went to the Dominican Republic for Instructs and we just worked out down there, saw the culture, saw what people do and how they play baseball and how they dlive down there," said Harris.

"I did my workouts that the Mets program gave us and worked out everyday basically, hit and caught ground balls."

Coming off an attention-grabbing 2009 season, Harris' goals were simple. "Basically come in spring traing just ready, 100 percent fit and in shape. I think I accomplished that," he said.

For Spring Training, Harris watned to take it one step at a time. "For me, Spring Training is more (about getting) ready, but at the same time once the season starts after Spring Trainig I will be ready for the season. Mostly, I start off slow for Spring Training," said Harris.

Although Harris is condident in his game, there is one area that he would like to target that needs improvement.

"Well, it's mostly my defense," he said. "I want to make my defense stronger and be an all-around player."

For Harris, the move to Savannah will be the first year that he will start on a full season roster.

"I'm ready. You know, I've been trying to get to the full season. I finally got this opportunity so I'm just toing to take what I got and do what I got to do," said Harris.

With the full season comes the demand of playing over 140 games and the challenge of staying physically ready for the full season.

"It's all in your mind. It's the mental approach and I think I got my mind together and I'm ready for it," said Harris.

By joining the Sand Gnats late last year, Harris feels he is better in tune with the South Atlantic League's pitching.

"Once I moved up, I saw the pitching," he said. "Basically, the pitching is a little better, better for me because it's more strikes. I get to swing at some better pitches."

The South Atlantic League provides better pitching, but Harris keeps things simple. "Never nervous," he says. "I'm always ready."

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