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The U Files # 28: Fonzie, Nori and Wiggy, Oh My!

So Far, Wiggy is Manning the Hot Corner for 2003

The subject of this article isn't nearly so cheerful as the title. In fact, this is about the position the Mets have transmogrified from a strength into a hole. The Mets third baseman in 2002 was Edgardo Alfonzo. The Mets had other plans when beloved lifetime Met Fonzie became a free agent. They'd hoped to ink Japanese slugger Norihiro Nakamura to replace the Fonz, but in a confounding plot twist Nakamura left the Mets in the lurch, spurning them to stay in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Since then, the Mets have been Wigging out over the third base void. Edgardo Alfonzo was once widely regarded as one of the best players not to do anything flashy. Then, a back condition left him to trudge through the muck in 2001. A cursory peek at his 2002 stat line reveals that he apparently hadn't regained the power stroke that produced two consecutive 40 double seasons. One scouting... Recommended Stories