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Post-Season 9: Burning Questions – Part II

Can Josh Thole be ready to help the Mets 2010? continues to answer nine of the pressing questions facing the Mets farm system now that the 2009 season is over. In the second part, we ask, what can be taken away from the 2009 draft class? Who, if anyone, will be ready to contribute in 2010? What area needs more prospects? Find the answers to those questions and more.

To continue the discussion and/or to ask more questions, head to the subscriber's forum 5. What can be taken away from the 2009 draft? The Mets bucked their recent trend from the last two drafts and went for comparative youth and players from smaller collegiate leagues as opposed to players from established college powers like in 2007 and 2008. That means there are more long term projects... Recommended Stories