Honeck Making An Impact

Honeck is making an impact in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, NY - The Cyclones squad is still adjusting to life in the professional ranks, but first baseman Sam Honeck is making immediate impressions with his style of play both at the plate and in the field while making an impact on a young team.

To gain insight as to the feelings surrounding Sam Honeck within the Mets organization, one can be satisfied reading no further than first year manager. When Brooklyn skipper Pedro Lopez was asked if he has any concerns with the first baseman's' enthusiastic game, he responded to the question with confidence.

"Nothing. I have no concerns", a response that nearly mirrored Honeck's own "I don't have any concerns right now", something difficult for any rookie to say, let alone for him to receive confirmation from his coach on the subject.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound 11th round draft pick out of Tulane has been making good first impressions in Brooklyn. Honeck, who was originally drafted by the Yankees in 2006, is having little trouble adjusting to professional pitching albeit in a limited sample size.

Already the 22-year old appears comfortable at the plate, and with his arms and legs spaced in a stance that resembles Jim Thome, the sweet-singing lefty looks like a natural out there.

"It feels great to be here. I am excited, I don't really know exactly how to describe it. It is fun, I love playing baseball here and I am having a ton of fun just being here. I am not really nervous. We had pretty good crowds up at Tulane and I just feel comfortable out there right now," Honeck stated.

"The pitching is a lot different, but as far as the atmosphere and all of that it is pretty much the same. It is all relative. It is just a matter of getting to know your opponents and getting to know the field you are playing on," he added.

Honeck's game drew reverence from his manager as well, "He has got a nice swing. He has done a tremendous job for us so far in his first few games and hopefully he keeps that swing going," Lopez explained.

Lopez views him as the solution to the gap left at first base, a result of the promotion of last years 1st round draft pick, Ike Davis.

"I think he has the glove, the mentality and the bat." "He is going to be the everyday first baseman and I just hope he keeps doing what he is doing," said Lopez.

"It is a great beginning for his career in professional baseball. He is a kid who is open-minded, he listens to every suggestion and really pays attention to the game. I am just glad that we are able to sign kids like him."

"I think he will develop some power. Right now he seems like a line drive type hitter to a lot of people but I think he will eventually hit for a lot of power," Lopez continued.

"We just have to keep in mind that he just came out of college and they have been using aluminum bats. He has a beautiful stroke and a beautiful swing and I just think that the power will come. Without a doubt he has done a great job. I just hope he doesn't try and do too much."

All he needs to do is go out there and play his game. He has just got to continue doing what he has been doing these past couple of games and he will be okay," Lopez further added. "The power numbers will come and he will hit in the middle of our lineup. For him the main thing is just staying within himself."

"I think he is in the process of getting acclimated to the league and right now it seems he is doing a great job. My biggest fear would be for him to start thinking more that I got to do it with the home run ball and look for the numbers. He is a good kid and hopefully he keeps doing what he has been doing," Lopez concluded.

Needless to say that the 22-year-old views his opposite field hitting as an obstacle, but one that can be overcome through hard work.

"I would like to improve my power to the opposite field. It is just repetitions, I know what I need to do to get better and it is just a matter of working on it and getting in as many reps as I can," he stated.

Honeck leads an intriguing Brooklyn team, and for a middle round pick he is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on. Whether it is with his slick hands in the field, his quick hands at the plate or his positive attitude providing a spark in the clubhouse, look for Honeck to make an immediate impact on a team that is still developing.

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