Pellot Returning to Form

Pellot is riding a hot streak

Second baseman Hector Pellot missed nearly the entire 2008 season due to injury, but after surgeries and a long rehab stint, he is getting back to into the playing shape that made him a leading prospect at his position. He spoke with Inside Pitch to detail his road back and all the steps involved.

Twenty-three games, 85 at-bats made up Hector Pellot's entire 2008 season. The second baseman's season ended just six weeks in because of a hip injury and he has since been working his way back into his former shape that allowed him to hit .275 with eight home runs, 37 RBI and 35 steals in 2007.

Two surgeries and eight to ten months of rehab later, Pellot is back in the mix with St. Lucie and off to a fine start. He is hitting .273 with three home runs and 11 RBI through 21 games while showing glimpses of the player that made him a leading second base prospect before the injury. The road has not been easy, but he acknowledged he is back to full strength.

‘I feel very good. My rehab went very good. Last year was a tough year with the surgery and the two big injuries, but with the help of the trainers, I am back to 100 percent," he said. "I actually feel better than before because I've been working out so long. My legs, my core, and everything feels great."

"The biggest thing the doctor warned me about was a long recovery time of 6-8 months, but after eight months, I was completely healthy and could do all the things I wanted to," he continued. "Right now, I don't even think about the injury. I feel that I can run well, I can sprint, and I can move around without pain."

"I spent all of last year rehabbing and I only got two games in winter ball and that's not enough. I came to Spring Training and I tried to do my work, get my at-bats and I feel that I did."

Pellot had a second surgery in late summer and was strong enough to appear in two games during the winter ball season, meaning most of his game preparation had to come during Spring Training.

Yet, with nearly a year away from the diamond, it took more than camp action for him to find his rhythm. That led to a slow start which included a .159 average in 12 April games, but he has come on strong as of late due to growing comfort in the box.

"I hadn't played in about a year when the season started and Spring Training games aren't the same, but now I have my confidence back, I'm letting the ball travel a little longer, and I'm swinging the bat level and that's giving my confidence," he explained.

The biggest difference for Pellot is his ability to get the bat through the zone at the speed that he is accustomed to. When injured, he could not catch up with fastballs and got beat by anything on the inside corner.

That is no longer a concern thanks to his repaired hip, evident by his recent production, and now he can get back to focusing on the basics of his approach.

" I feel I have to continue to improve my two-strike approach to give me more comfort in that situation," said Pellot. "I think that will come with more at-bats and help me improve to put the ball in play with men on base and in scoring position. All that comes with at-bats and it's early in the season and I think that will all come little by little with the more at-bats I get."

Consistent production will be pivotal for Pellot as the St. Lucie roster features a number of talented infielders, particularly those who can play second base. He recognizes the competitive dynamic, but for now his attention is squarely on returning to his previous form.

"I just want to continue to hit the ball hard every time I'm at the plate. I want to see the ball well, play solid defense and those two things will give me more confidence than anything else," he closed. Recommended Stories