McNab Moves On Up

McNab arrived in Buffalo last week

BUFFALO, NY - For years now, Tim McNab has been a trusted reliever in the Mets organization. Now, after starting the year in Binghamton, he is back in Triple-A where he figures to play an important role for a team trying to get off the mat.


To the Queen City where Buffalo has the struggling, the Bisons received some relief Sunday in more ways than one. The Double-A Binghamton Mets set-up man, Tim McNab, joined the Buffalo Bisons on the first day of May. McNab, a 28-year-old relief pitcher, has been with the Mets organization since 2002 when he was drafted in the 22nd round.

Since then, McNab has traveled from one minor league team to the next, finding himself in New Orleans, where he played Triple A ball during the 2008 season. While in New Orleans, he compiled a serviceable body of work including a 5.55 ERA, 39 strikeouts and opponents batting average of .263.

With the start of the 2009 season, Tim McNab signed a free agency contract with the Mets organization. Following spring training, McNab found himself in Binghamton, a familiar place for the pitcher who spent time in the southern tier during the 2005, '06, '07 seasons. The month of April, McNab has posted a respectable ERA of 3.27, walking only one batter and while sitting down four in 11 innings of relief work. McNab spoke on why he feels he was brought up to Buffalo.

"Well not walking guys and throwing a lot of ground balls—stuff like that. Basically that's my gig," he said. " So, I guess that's why I got called up here. I'm a sinker baller and I've been at that for the last two, three, four years now, so, yeah, just constantly working and improving on that."

"Since I do have some experience up here. I mean, things in Buffalo aren't going exactly the way we want them to go, the pitching staff seems to be doin' alright; I don't know, maybe just come up here and change the order around a little bit."

McNab brings stability to an otherwise inconsistent environment in Buffalo. With the Bisons struggling out of the gate, the club is looking for any assistance to get on a winning track and the right-hander, who has been relied upon at every level, is looked upon as a possible innings eater in a heavily worked relief unit.

As of Wednesday, he has yet to make an appearance in his first week in Buffalo but given McNab's utility both as a situational reliever and a long man, he figures to play a key role soon enough. Recommended Stories