Shaw Feeling Better Than Ever

So far, Shaw has been very sharp in Hawaii

Quietly, right-hander Scott Shaw became one of the prizes of the 2008 draft. With his cool demeanor and steady confidence, he was one of the leading pitchers in the New York-Penn League last summer. His unique depth for a pitcher so early into his career, and quick growth, could propel him up the organization. That is his focus as he continues his excellence in the Hawaiian Winter League.

Scott Shaw's success this summer in Brooklyn was not done with smoke and mirrors. He went on to a 6-3 record and 2.80 ERA in 74 innings pitched because of a strong repertoire and matured approach that many rookies simply do not possess so early in their careers.

"I'm really happy with how the transition went from college to pro ball which can be a different transition for a lot of players and I think I got through that well. I'm happy that is over with and I won't have to do that anymore. I think I got a lot better as a pitcher and accomplishing those things left me really satisfied," he said.

Though he came to Brooklyn with three rock solid pitches [fastball, slider, changeup], he was forced to work out a remaining mechanical flaw—extension. At 6-foot-5, Shaw looks maximize his reach so he can attain the best movement on all of his pitches.

"I was really concentrating on not over-throwing. That was a big thing for me in college when my control wasn't as good. When I got to Brooklyn, it was all about control and slowing myself down," he explained.

"That allowed me throw more quality pitches in better locations which led to better results. I was more just trying to concentrate on controlling myself, not overthrowing and just let my pitches work."

Shaw just needs to let his pitches work because of his impeccable control. Already, he has a strong ability to pinpoint his pitches and when combined with his aggressive mentality, the end result was just 15 walks in 15 games pitched.

"When I get out front as much as I possibly can, I'll have my control and my pitches will have more life on them. That was something the coaches preached to me and I couldn't agree more," said Shaw.

"Right now, I have an unbelievable amount of comfort with any pitch that I throw so limiting walks means I have to stay on the attack. If I do that, and I force guys to swing early in the count or I'm making pitches they don't want to swing early on. If I get ahead in the count, I'll have all the room to throw whatever I want when hitters have their back against the wall."

He put hitters against the wall often this summer and knew how to finish them off as he ended the year tied for fourth in the NYPL with 79 strikeouts, and that trend has continued in Hawaii. So far in 15 2/3 HWL innings, he has fanned 19 batters against two walks with a 1.72 ERA.

His performances have only put an exclamation point on what Shaw feels is the highest point of career so far, and he is thankful for the opportunity to reach it.

"I was optimistic about the opportunity to pitch in this league. Everything went as well as it could in Brooklyn and since I've been in Hawaii, things have been even better. Right now in Hawaii, I'm pitching better than I have in my entire life," he detailed.

"I'm limiting mistakes, making quality pitches and being very efficient. That's the key to success and that's all that I've done here. From my point of view, it's all been remarkable. If the season ended today I'd feel great and really confident going into Spring Training," he closed. Recommended Stories