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The U Files #13: The Case of the Curious Contract

They say beauty is skin deep, yet so many go gaga over pretty things. The Mets are now set to find all about beauty. The team announced Thursday 12/05/02 the signing of LHP Tom Glavine to a three year deal worth with an option for a fourth year. Details of the contract of the deal have not been released, but ESPN reports the contract is worth at least $35 million with a vesting option that could raise the value to $42.5 million.

The deal will make the Mets look good to many observers. People will cry out joyously, "Wilpon finally stepped to the plate!!! The Mets signed a big name free agent!!!" But how much will it actually help them? To estimate the value of Glavine to the Mets, I calculated how the presence of Glavine would have changed the fortunes of the 2002 Mets had he pitched here and posted the same numbers... Recommended Stories