Satin Settled After First Season

Satin swung a hot bat in the final weeks

Josh Satin, selected in the 6th round of the 2008 Draft, found it difficult to adjust in the early weeks of the summer, but as time passed he found his comfort zone. In the closing weeks, he swung the bat better than any other time during the season which allowed him to end year feeling confident about where his game is going.

"My season was kind of a whirlwind for me. I started off so slow and didn't hit much early, and it seemed that after a while and when I got a rhythm things came together for me," said Cyclones second baseman Josh Satin.

Satin's season did not start as smoothly as hoped as he struggled to a .243 clip [9-for-37] through the first 12 games. Satin, selected on the promise of his offense, did not quickly adapt to the rigors of the instrument in his hand.

"Consistently hitting with wood was a big thing for me. You can get away with so much with metal like hitting home runs in college that wouldn't happen here. That's something I had to figure out," he said.

To get his offense going, he focused on what he does best and that is taking advantage of fastballs. With good power and a stroke to all fields, Satin was hungry to attack fastballs to get his production at levels he expected prior to reporting.

"The fastball isn't really a threat to me," he said. "The majority of the hitters at our level can pull a fastball, but having the fundamentals to do the best with that fastball is really what gets you to the next level. When I'm going well, driving the fastball how I want is usually a strength of mine."

The results were in the numbers as over the last two-thirds of the season—33 games—Satin hit .300 with four home runs [third on the team] and nine of his 13 RBI. He also attributed the turnaround to the advice of the coaches around him.

"Our coaches talked so much about what the pitchers are trying to do and by 40 games in, it was very visible how the pitchers attacked us."

"At the end of the year, I had the discipline to wait for my pitch and execute well especially when 80 percent of the time, I'm seeing fastballs."

Another big difference from the start of the year to the end was the mental challenges. The professional schedule was both a mental and physical test for Satin, but after the body shock that came with playing everyday, he settled in.

""It's a grind to go out and play 20 games in a row which is something I haven't done before. Once I realized how to prepare day-in, day-out, I found a rhythm down the stretch."

Now down at Instructs, it will be the opposite side of his game that gets the work. Satin, more of an offensively geared player, is focusing on his defense. Though he possesses a strong arm and has good hands, footwork and range will dominate his time in St. Lucie and the rest of his off-season.

"Defensively, I'll continue to keep grinding it out and working hard. My defense will be my top focus this winter and work at it five or six days a week."

"It's why Instructs has been so good because I have stuff to work on to get better than I didn't know otherwise. The coaches here have given me a base on how to work in the off-season and I plan on taking full advantage of that," he closed. Recommended Stories