Camacho Finding His Comfort Zone

Camacho returned to New Orleans in July

Eddie Camacho may have spent the majority of this season in Double-A after holding a spot in the New Orleans bullpen for most of 2007, but now the left-hander returns following 37 games with the B-Mets. This time around, Camacho hopes to find his comfort zone and develop his breaking ball.


Left-handed relief pitcher Eddie Camacho rejoined the Zephyrs after starting the season in Double-A Binghamton, but came back to New Orleans with an improved, more accurate breaking ball. While he is still having some difficulties against right handed hitters, Camacho is looking to improve his ERA against righties.

The 25-year-old hurler played college ball at Glendale Community College for two years before transferring to Cal State-Northridge. There Camacho, switched from the outfield to take the place on the mound before signing with the Mets as a non-drafted free agent in 2004.

Camacho began the 2007 season with St. Lucie, but was quickly called up to New Orleans in May after posting a 2.77 ERA early on. While in New Orleans, Camacho had a three-to-one strike out to walk ratio in the 32 games he appeared in with the Zephyrs. He finished the season in with the B-Mets and later played in ten games in the Arizona Fall League.

"It's nice to come back," Camacho said of his return to New Orleans. "It's always nice to go to a place where you're welcome and you know of."

Many differences exist between Triple-A and Double-A from the level of competition to the expectations of the players, but Camacho has made the transition smoothly between the two levels both this season and in 2007.

"There is more experience in the club house with the Triple-A guys. They are more laid back and relaxed, Camacho said. "In Double-A you have guys that you need to look after like prospects and other guys you need to take care of."

After his promotion to Triple-A this season, Camacho is looking at his game critically in hopes of making it to the majors.

"[I could improve] everything. There is always room for improvement. I will work on anything and everything to make it to the big leagues," Camacho said.

One of the aspects of his game Camacho has been improving this season is his breaking ball. Camacho focused on this pitch during his time in Double-A at the start of the season and his promotion to New Orleans gives him more time to work with pitching coach Rick Waits on developing his breaking ball.

"It's coming along," Camacho said of his breaking ball. "I was working with Ricky Bones when I was down in Double-A and Waits during spring training. I've just been working on my grip. Also it was just a matter of staying out front, and not throwing the ball behind my arm."

Camacho has improved many aspects of his game since the last time he donned a Zephyrs jersey, however he still can't seem to overcome his inconsistency facing right handed hitters.

"I'm going to continue to throw the ball inside and out and then use my changeup to get them out, that's my out pitch," Camacho said.

As the season comes to a close, Camacho needs to get more comfortable in Triple-A if he wants a spot on the Mets' roster in September. And while he has a 3.72 ERA, the opposition is hitting just .156 against the southpaw. In the nine innings Camacho pitched he only has four strikeouts with five walks. Putting the finishing touches on his breaking ball should help. Recommended Stories