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Q&A with Pitching Coach Hector Berrios

Berrios explains where Holt's power comes from

With a fresh crop of young pitchers on his staff, Inside Pitch sat down with Brooklyn pitching coach Hector Berrios to discuss many of the faces that make up the starting rotation and the bullpen. Where does Brad Holt's power come from? What makes Scott Shaw a complete pitcher? What does Jenry Mejia need to work on? Find out the answers to those questions and more... What are your thoughts of your young staff so far and what has been the message you have communicated to your young pitchers? Hector Berrios: The first thing is that we've been having trouble early in the counts and we've been nibbling too much on the corners instead of going after guys early in at-bats. We just haven't been aggressive which is why we lead the league... Recommended Stories