McNab Looking Ahead

McNab has appeared in 30 games this season

With the All-Star Break near, signaling the middle of the season, now is the time for players to reflect on the first half of the season while looking forward to potential call-ups to the Majors in the second half and into September. Right-hander Tim McNab is looking for that call-up as he has improved his pitching through former Zephyrs and current Mets pitching coach, Dan Warthen.


Former New Orleans pitching coach Dan Warthen was called up to the Mets in June, leaving Tim McNab to deal with yet another coach. However, he sees the changing of coaches though out his career as a positive, as he learns new techniques from each coach.

"It seems that every year I have a different pitching coach so throughout the years I've had many different pitching staffs," he said. "When Dan Wathern was here, I know I learned a ton in the short two and a half months he was here. I learned confidence in my pitches, how to be able to throw what I want. Most importantly I learned how it was my game out there."

McNab took what he learned for Warthen and used that to his advantage to be a successful pitcher in his first full year in Triple-A. He pitched 28 games under Warthen this season, with 15 walks and 22 hits allowed.

"You take that advice [from Warthen] out to the mound to help you do you thing, you're going to have your peaks and valleys, but you just go out here trying to do your thing and be consistent and have progression in what you're doing," he said.

Even with solid advice from his coaches, McNab's season has had its ups and downs. After a successful May that included a 1.72 ERA, his ERA spiked up to 6.89 in June. However he has been able to put disappointing games behind him by looking towards the future.

"You know you're going to be out there in two more days, whether it is the same team or another team, so you got to have confidence in yourself, he said.

"There is a reason you're here. Just keep throwing your stuff and whatever happens, happens. If you're going to have to make adjustments let it be during the game. Sometimes when you hit the midway point of the season you have to work on some mechanical stuff."

He has shown that there is a reason he is in Triple-A as he has been capable of taking on new roles within pitching this season.

"In these first few months I've be productive in a few different roles," he said. "Long guys and short guys, which is different from my first few years which I had been mainly a one man role at the end of the game. It is good to have a couple of roles under your belt; it lets you know what you can and can't do, and what you're better at."

In past seasons McNab has struggled against left handed hitters as he has relied heavily on his sinker. This season however, he has been able to throw strikes on both sides of the plate, leading to an equal ERA against right handed and left handed hitters.

"I have a specialty pitch, I throw a sinker, being able to maintain and throw strikes has been important," McNab said.

"Last year was a real good year for me throwing strikes and here now I've started getting them on both sides of the plate and throwing my changeup a lot more. I've been working on a couple of grips with my slider, that's another thing Dan Warthen was working on with me."

McNab takes advice and skills from his coaches because as he is 28 years old and has played six years of professional baseball he still believes he can progress more and reach the big leagues soon.

"The older you get, the more you like to think you know but its all about progression and to keep learning and keep going." Recommended Stories