Q&A with Mets 7th Round Pick Michael Hebert

Hebert was the 224th overall pick in the draft

Inside Pitch caught up with the Mets' 7th round pick, right-hander Michael Hebert, for a Draft Day Q&A. Hebert, the second teenager taken by the Mets in this year's draft, explains his repertoire, his path to the Mets, what he will be working on and more.

InsidePitchMagazine.com: Tell us what is going through your mind right now after being selected by a team like the New York Mets?

Michael Hebert: I was really excited to see my name called by the Mets. I was a little disappointed not seeing my name called on the first day, but I think I had my hopes and expectations to high. When I got the call this morning I was really excited and I'm just ready to get out there and show them what I have.

Inside Pitch: Were you surprised that it was the Mets that selected you? Did you and the club have any discussions leading up to the draft?

Hebert: I figured it would be the Mets or the Royals who would pick me because I talked mostly them and not really to any other teams. I didn't pitch much this year so I feel like I was kind of under the radar.

Inside Pitch: Did you have any expectations of where you may have gone in the draft? Did you have any range of rounds in mind?

Hebert: I think being a high school kid, I had my hopes up with thinking I could go first day. Realistically, I thought I would go anywhere between the 7th and the 15th rounds and I feel right at the top of that range, so I'm happy. I think I just got a little overexcited waiting to go on the first day. I saw some kids I thought I could jump in front of, but I'm happy where I ended up, happy to be with the Mets organization. It's really exciting.

Inside Pitch: Do you have any ideas of what the Mets' organization or farm system is like?

Hebert: I really only know things from what the scout that I worked with told me. It'll all be relatively new to me.

Inside Pitch: Being a high school pitcher moving into the professional level, do you have any ideas of what that transition could be like for you?

Hebert: I think for the most part it should be ok. I feel like I'm pretty mature for a kid coming out of high school and I think I'll be alright and handle the transition well.
Inside Pitch: Describe yourself as a player. How do you see yourself fitting in with the Mets?

Hebert: I feel like I bring a lot of energy to the field. I'm a guy who plays with a lot of heart and passion for the game. I always want to win and don't like to finish second.

Inside Pitch: Let's get to your game on the field. Can you describe your repertoire? What type of pitches do you throw and what kind of speeds do you typically hit?

Hebert: I'm mainly a fastball pitcher and I usually sit 92-93 MPH. I throw a pretty good changeup which I can use in different counts, but my off-speed pitches really need work and that's why I don't think I was a first day draft pick. I've been throwing a slider more than a curveball, but I think I just need some coaching. I didn't get much in the way of coaching when it comes to pitching so I think I just need someone to help mold me into the pitcher I can be and I'll be that guy.

Inside Pitch: Is there a current big leaguer who you see a little of in yourself? Is there a big league pitcher's style who like to incorporate in your own game?

Hebert: I try to emulate Josh Beckett as much as possible because he's so successful. I would say my delivery is very similar to his because I think his motion is one of the best in the game, and is one that gives pitchers a lot of power.

Inside Pitch: What would you say was your best moment in baseball so far?

Hebert: Definitely the draft without question. It's always been my dream to get the opportunity to play professional baseball and here it is, right of me.

Inside Pitch: Who was your favorite team and your favorite player growing up?

Hebert: I grew up in Los Angeles County so I was a big Dodgers fan, but I've always liked Ken Griffey Jr. because of the way he came from high school and went on to be an amazing player.

Inside Pitch: New York is known for its high-intensity atmosphere. What do you think of the opportunity to one day play in New York?

Hebert: I love the opportunity. I love the pressure. I feel like that pressure, or playing in pressure any time, really gets my game to another level. I'm really excited about getting to play in New York.

Inside Pitch: Now that the draft has come and gone, what are your immediate plans? Being a high school player, is college a consideration or do you plan to begin your career as soon as possible?

Hebert: I'm definitely looking to get going as soon as possible. I don't have any plans to go to school and I'm thinking I'll agree to the slot and play as soon as I can.

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