Tool Time: Top Defensive Outfielders

Nobody can match the arm of Carlos Gomez

Who are the outfield prospects that have the defensive ability to play in the Major Leagues right now? analyzes the top defensive outfielders in the Mets' system.

5) Daniel Stegall: Stegall is the symbol of the new breed of outfielder in the Mets farm system. He has the speed and range to play a solid centerfield and the strong arm to play right field. He played centerfield in his professional debut with the Gulf Coast League Mets last season and more than held his own. One of the top high school quarterbacks in the country prior to signing with the Mets, Stegall has a plus arm in center and left, but it's not quite as strong in right field as some of the players ranked ahead of him.

4) Fernando Martinez: Like Stegall, Fernando played centerfield in his professional debut season but is probably better suited for the corners. His range is solid but not up to par with that of a big league centerfielder. And while his arm is strong enough to profile as above average in left field and centerfield, it pales in comparison to the others in this category. There has even been talk about possibly moving him to first base down the line if he continues to keep growing, but for now, he projects to be an above average defensive left fielder.

3) Dustin Martin: Defensively, Martin has the look of a Johnny Damon type, although Damon wishes he had Martin's arm. Martin has the range to be a very good defensive centerfielder and the cannon for an arm to play right field. He played all three outfield positions in college and all three in Brooklyn last season as well. His versatility and plus defensive abilities in the field will give the Mets a lot of flexibility over the next few years. While he profiles better in the corner outfield spots with his strong arm, centerfield certainly isn't out of the question.

2) Ambiorix Concepcion: Concepcion has better speed and range than the aforementioned players, as well as a stronger arm. In fact, he boasts one of the strongest outfield arms in all of minor league baseball and it was one of the reasons he drew comparisons to Vladmir Guerrero earlier in his career. Like Martin, Concepcion could definitely play the centerfield position well if called upon, but he is better in right field where the Mets can make better use of his arm.

1) Carlos Gomez: One of the fastest players in the entire organization, with some scouts and Mets officials believing he could be even faster than Jose Reyes, Gomez has the best range of any outfielder the Mets have. He has the look of a Torii Hunter type of defensive centerfielder who can get just about anything hit his way, but for good measure, also possesses one of the strongest outfield arms in all of baseball. His plus-plus arm is better suited for right field, but he is also the Mets' best centerfield option. He simply has Gold Glove ability in any of the three outfield positions. Recommended Stories