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Mets Insider: Pep talks boosting Maine

John Maine has responded to helpful advice.

He's had so many people come out to the mound to talk to him whenever he's pitched this year that, after getting the win in the Mets 4-2 victory over the Cardinals in Game Six of the NLCS, it wouldn't have been all that surprising if John Maine took off his uniform top to reveal a customized "Pep Boys" T-shirt.

One with the faces of Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Paul Lo Duca taking the place of Manny, Moe and Jack. Mechanics, after all, are a big part of the pitching business, and while Maine's manager, pitching coach and catcher aren't in the auto supply game, it's no secret that they've all spent considerable time this season going under the hood, so to speak, trying to maximize the performance... Recommended Stories