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Live From the AFL: Chase Lambin

Lambin Is Adding Catcher To His List Of Positions

There are clichés in sports. Little sayings that managers, coaches and players use to answer questions they are tired of hearing, or just don't want to answer at all. But as they say, every cliché starts with a kernel of truth. It appears that for many of the most common clichés, Chase Lambin is that kernel.

"He's as hard a worker as you'll find, he'll play anywhere, I think he'd catch if you asked him to." That's Grand Canyon Rafters Manager Ken Oberkfell breaking out one of the most used clichés ever. 'He'll play anywhere' is usually code for, 'He's a career utility guy.' That usually means the player in question doesn't hit quite enough to play everyday, but he's athletic, versatile, solid... Recommended Stories