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The U Files # 65: The Prospect Portfolio

Wright is One of the Best 3B Prospects

The Mets built an exciting, competitive team under Steve Phillips that was a not a team to be taken lightly in 1999 and 2000. Unfortunately, the same means that produced that end led to the downfall of the organization. To reach those heights again, but without the looming danger of a collapse, the Mets appear to have put more of a premium on developing the cream of the farm into productive Mets, and the team has enough talent to make the plan work.

Over the last few years, the Mets have rebuilt a farm depleted largely through some of the trades instrumental in creating those great Mets teams of 1999-2000 (the Piazza and Leiter trades in particular). Since then, the team has rebuilt the farm, overcoming stumbles like the trade that sent Alex Escobar and Bill Traber (now in for Tommy John surgery) to the Clevelend Indians for Roberto Alomar... Recommended Stories