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The U Files # 47: Dollars and Sense

Cameron is Worth $8.1 Million

Not only have the New York Mets in recent years played some bad baseball, but they've done it as one of the few teams in MLB to sport a payroll over $100 million dollars. It would have behooved the Mets to have a guide on hand, which could advise on how much a given player is worth. It may be too late to help past Mets teams, but here we may be able to zone in on what current free agents are worth. Here I will do this for selected free agents using the concept of replacement level production.

In sabermetrics it is often useful to invoke the concept of a replacement player. A replacement level player one could think of as what you'd expect to find of the cheapest plug in which could replace a man on your roster. There are an uncounted number of such players floating around class AAA rosters. It is customary to set the replacement level bar at some point below the league average. In... Recommended Stories

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