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2003 Mets' Minor League Pitcher of The Year

Where Did Kazmir Finish?

Take a look with the Mets' writers to see who the better minor league pitchers were in the 2003 season. This list is not about who the better prospect is or who will be the better major leaguer. This list is based only on what they did in the 2003 season. Each writer lists their top five and then expands on their selections (and other notes) below.

And the Winner Is... Matthew Peterson. Matt Peterson (23 points) easily beat LHP Scott Kazmir (18 points) in our voting system using the following formula: 5 points for 1st place votes, 4 points for 2nd place votes, 3 points for 3rd place votes, 2 points for 4th place votes, and 1 point for 5th place votes. Not too far behind Kazmir was LHP Lenny DiNardo, who came in 3rd place with 15 points... Recommended Stories