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Farm Report II – Rookie Pitchers

Seo Should Become A #3 Pitcher

In 2003, 8 rookie pitchers graced the Mets roster during the season. Several had notable impacts and others were disappointing. Disappointing or not, these rookies bode well for the future of the Mets. Despite the fact that the 2003 season hasn't ended, the performance and future of the rookie pitchers will be assessed in the second farm report. In the previous farm report, I listed the top 60 prospects that retain their prospect status after 2003 and are not potential minor league FA.

Edwin Almonte There should always be a place in the Mets organization for natives of the NYC area. Almonte was acquired in a deal that sent Robbie Alomar to the Chicago White Sox. Almonte is a soft tossing RHP who features a 88-mph FB and an outstanding CU. Almonte struggled with his command in 2003 both at AAA and for the Mets. In particular, Almonte regularly leaves his CU up in the strike... Recommended Stories