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Postseason Farm Report: Mets Top 60 Prospects

Aaron Baldiris Makes Meteoric Rise in Rankings

Steve Phillips 1997-2003 tumultuous tenure as the Mets General Manager had two positive legacies: (a) two post-season teams that included a trip to the World Series; and (b) a farm system is in better shape June 2003 than he found it June 1997. Nonetheless, I began to criticize his win-now approach* as strategically flawed as early as August 1999. Here's the top 60 list.

I assumed that Jeff Duncan would get enough ABs so that he would no longer be a rookie. I also didn't include likely minor league free agents would have to be re-signed such as Ronald Acuna. 1. Scott Kazmir (LHP) - perhaps among the top 5 prospects in the game. He's the top LHP prospect. The Mets are correctly focussing him on developing his CU. 2. Justin Huber (C) - established himself as... Recommended Stories

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