Frare Feeling Strong

Frare began throwing again in mid-August

It's been nearly ten months since left-hander Caleb Frare underwent his Tommy John surgery. Currently in the midst of his rehab throwing program, the 2012 eleventh round pick says he's feeling good at this point and has his sights set on a full rebound in 2014.

"I'm doing real good," Frare said. "I'm at 60 feet and I'm at my fifth week of it. I've got to finish this week and then the next week, and then I go to 90 feet. I'll have four weeks of that and then I'll be at 120 [feet], and then start getting on the mound.

"I feel great. I've been able to work out a lot and I've lost some weight. I'm going to be ready to go in Spring Training."

Frare had his surgery last November after feeling a pop in his elbow during Dominican Instructs and he was finally able to throw a baseball again on August 12th, that was the first day of his rehab throwing program.

While it stands to reason that there could be a chance he might be able to get up on a mound before the calendar year is out, the smarter bet has him making a return to the mound in time for Spring Training next season.

"The part of the recovery process is it is up to the arm as far as long-toss goes," he admitted. "If you arm needs to take six weeks, it takes six weeks. If you arm needs only three you take three.

"So it's hard to set a timeline because of that, but ideally the goal is to be ready 100 percent for Spring Training and that's probably what it's going to be."

He finished his debut season a year ago going 2-1 with a 2.74 ERA for the Gulf Coast League Yankees and struck out a batter per inning pitched, but this season he was simply a bystander.

"It was tough," he said. "It was really tough because you get to see your buddies play everyday and that's kind of what gets you through it, you get to cheer for them. You've got to help them out and you help yourself out too just watching the game, mentally expanding your mind.

"You're going to play some of these kids again so you know what they can't hit and what they can hit, how to pitch them -- you pick up stuff all of the time."

He did not just sit idly by, however. He used his time to try and pick up various mental aspects of the game in an effort to keep learning about the professional game, and for Frare the most important lesson he learned in 2013 is the same one he learned in his debut season a year ago.

"I haven't really picked it up but it's really been reinforced -- I'm good buddies with Brady [Lail] and I've been picking his brain a lot, and he just said that he's not trying to strike guys out anymore, he's just trying to throw the ball, throw quality pitches, and get outs.

"And I've seen his strikeout numbers go through the roof and that's been a big reinforcement for me. I learned that last year in the GCL and it's nice to see that it's true."

Content that it was a strong year for his mental development, now that the season is over he is all about getting ready physically. And he it not taking it lightly either -- he wants to make sure this throwing program is his last.

"I'm taking it easy right now," he said. "It's too early to tell [about the power]. I've had my days though where it's felt really good and it feels like my body is giving the same percentages as the day before.

"It's been so long for me since I've let it go that I don't know off of the top of my head what it feels like to let it go, but my arm does feel strong. It feels really strong."

Taking it slow is more of precautionary measure on his part, especially considering he won't be able to get up on a mound competitively until next season anyway. Still, he is happy he got his Tommy John surgery out of the way and is on the path to a full recovery now.

"I do, it's better than three or four years down the road. It's better that it happened now. It happened after my first year in the GCL so I can only go forward from here.

"I'm jacked, I can't wait to get back on the mound. I feel that's where I belong and that's where I want to be," he concluded.

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