Taijeron Takes On Brooklyn In Early Going

Taijeron's first season is off to a strong start

BROOKLYN, NY - It has only been one month since the Mets selected Travis Taijeron in the 18th round of the 2011 MLB draft. But, Taijeron is already feeling right at home in Brooklyn and his bat is showing just that 22-year-old outfielder out of Cal Poly Pomona College continues to earn his spot in the Cyclones' lineup, as he has become one of the most effective hitters on his club


Travis Taijeron has quickly stepped into the Brooklyn Cyclones lineup and is already standing out as one Rich Donnelly's most consistent hitters. Taijeron is hitting .302 with two home runs and eight RBI in 48 at bats this season, and says he is adjusting well to minor league baseball.

"I think I am matching up pretty good. It's a little bit of an adjustment from college, people are throwing a little harder and everything is moving a little bit more, but I think I am handling it pretty well," Taijeron said.

Taijeron had an impressive college career and is off to a solid start in Brooklyn. And although Taijeron is pleased with his performance at this point in the season, he says he wants to get better.

"Overall, I want to improve every aspect of my game. I want to focus on improving my speed and just getting really adjusted out here, those are my main goals this season," Taijeron said.

While the San Diego native has made the adjustments at the plate, he says it was a big transition from the West Coast and adds he is still adjusting to life in the Northeast.

"New York and California are completely opposite places. New York is a lot faster paced than California, It's a quicker way of life out here and it's been an adjustment," Taijeron said.

Taijeron says it has always been his dream to play minor league baseball and adds he is grateful to have this opportunity with the New York Mets.

"The thing that I enjoy the most is coming out and playing baseball everyday. I love the game of baseball and being able to continue playing it as a career is by far the best thing that could ever happen to me," Taijeron said.

Taijeron says the most exciting part of playing baseball for the Brooklyn Cyclones is the fan base, something new to Taijeron.

"It's a new experience for me and it's a lot different from college, we actually have fans coming out to the games. The fan base is great up here and it's been cool coming out to sign autographs and doing interviews, I'm not use to that. It's a growing up experience I guess and I am definitely enjoying it," Taijeron said.

When asked about his expectations for the rest of the season, Taijeron said "The competition in the New York Penn League is tough but I think we can handle it; we have some pretty talented guys on our team and we are going to finish the season out strong."

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