Q&A with Mets 20th Round Pick Mason Robbins

Robbins was selected 612th overall

With their 20th round pick in the 2011 First-Year Player Draft, the New York Mets selected Mississippi prep outfielder Mason Robbins. In this Draft Day Q&A, Robbins details his expectations leading up to the draft, his best attributes on the field, the decision he has ahead of him regarding his signing and more.

InsidePitchMagazine.com: Tell us what was going through your mind after being selected by a team like the New York Mets?

Mason Robbins: Well I was I was ecstatic. It felt really good because I've been waiting for this day and waiting for that moment for a really long time so I was kind of happy and relieved at the same time.

Inside Pitch: Were you surprised it was the Mets that selected you? Did you and the Mets have any discussions leading up to the draft?

Mason Robbins: I had heard from them towards the end of my season, but I didn't really hear anything else from them until I heard they picked me. I was really surprised when I found out they picked me.

Inside Pitch: What are your immediate plans now that you have been drafted by the Mets? Is it your intention to sign now and start your professional career immediately?

Mason Robbins: It's still something I'm thinking about. I'm going to see how the summer goes, but it's going to be a pretty tough decision whether to go to college (Southern Miss) or go pro. But it's a win-win situation so I'll probably make my decision later on in the summer.

Inside Pitch: Do you have any ideas of what the Mets' organization or farm system is like?

Mason Robbins: I had a couple of visits in the fall and early in the season from the Mets, and it all sounded really good. Their farm system sounds really nice, all of the information they gave me about their farm system and minor leagues.

Inside Pitch: Did you have any expectations of where you may have gone in the draft? Did you have any range of rounds you anticipated being selected or did you just prepare to be drafted at any time?

Mason Robbins: It was kind of both. I had a couple teams call me, and one called me and said late first round. I had a couple saying middle or upper second round, but we never could get right on the money side of it so it never really worked out.

Inside Pitch: Getting to your game, what areas do you think are the strongest? What areas will you focus on improving once your collegiate or professional career begins?

Mason Robbins: One of my strong points is probably my hitting; I've got a real good eye at the plate. I'm aggressive but I'm not too aggressive. I'm patient too. One of the big things I'll probably work on at the next level is probably my speed and my outfield.

Inside Pitch: What kind of hitter do you consider yourself? What's consistent in your approach every at bat? Mason Robbins: The big thing is I don't pull everything. I can when they throw it in, but when they usually throw me away I'm pretty strong going middle to opposite field. I can hit for power, but I can also hit for average too.

Inside Pitch: What is it about the outfield you like the most?

Mason Robbins: I just love covering a lot of range in the outfield. You have a lot of priority in the outfield. If an infielder misses the ball we're right behind them, but if an outfielder misses the ball it's a bigger slip up, so you have a bigger priority.

Inside Pitch: To give our readers a little bit of an idea of what you look like out on the field, what big leaguer would you compare yourself to?

Mason Robbins: Probably Colby Rasmus.

Inside Pitch: What were your favorite team and favorite player growing up?

Mason Robbins: My favorite team is the Braves, that's a big team down here and everybody likes the Braves. My favorite player growing up was probably Alex Rodriguez.

Inside Pitch: What would you say is your best moment in baseball so far?

Mason Robbins: Probably playing in the Under Armour All-America game. That was probably one of my favorite accomplishments so far.

Inside Pitch: As I'm sure you know, New York is known for its high intensity atmosphere. What do you think about the prospects of one day playing in New York.

Mason Robbins: Well they've got that new field which looks pretty sweet. I've seen it before and it looks pretty amazing. It just looks like an awesome time.

Inside Pitch: Different career plans than your friends, what's it like knowing you have this opportunity?

Mason Robbins: It feels pretty great knowing that I can do either thing. I have my college paid for, but knowing I can play in the minor leagues and one day the big leagues feels really good.

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