Q&A with Mets 8th Round Pick Daniel Muno

Muno was selected 252nd overall

With their 8th round pick in the 2011 First-Year Player Draft, the Mets selected Fresno State shortstop Daniel Muno. Muno gives his insight into being drafted by the Mets, his thoughts on being a Top 10 pick, what he sees for the immediate future, and more.

InsidePitchMagazine.com: What's going through your mind right now after being selected by a team like the Mets?

Daniel Muno: It's a complete honor. The Mets have such a great tradition and just to be selected by them is a complete honor. It's a lifelong dream to even get drafted and I'm very excited.

Inside Pitch: Were you surprised that it was the Mets that selected you? Did you and the Mets have any discussions leading up to the draft?

Daniel Muno: Yes, I was talking to the Mets area scout Doug Therman throughout the whole process. He's been on me since my junior year and we had discussions through the whole process.

Inside Pitch: What are your thoughts about playing on the East Coast now after growing up on the West Coast?

Daniel Muno: I [played on the East Coast] last summer and I'm excited to get out there and show everyone what I can do.

Inside Pitch: Do you have any ideas what the Mets organization and farm system is like?

Daniel Muno: I know they're based out of New York and they play all over the East Coast. That's about it though.

Inside Pitch: Going into the draft, did you have any expectations about where you would go?

Daniel Muno: I knew it was going be in the top 10 [rounds] but that's about it.

Inside Pitch: Is there any pressure that comes along with being a top 10 round draft pick?

Daniel Muno: [I feel] no pressure because I'm a senior sign, so I don't feel any pressure at all. I don't put any pressure on myself because I know I'm a good player. I just want to go out and show people what I can do.

Inside Pitch: Getting into your game a bit, what areas do you think are your strongest and what will you focus on improving?

Daniel Muno: I'm a scrapper and I play the game hard. I can play pretty much any position that they want. I bring a pretty good offensive package to the table. Areas I can probably improve on are my bunting skills, obviously, but you can always improve on any part of your game. I haven't perfected anything and I'm always trying to improve my game.

Inside Pitch: What big leaguer would you compare yourself to?

Daniel Muno: Probably Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles.

Inside Pitch: What was your favorite player growing up?

Daniel Muno: I always liked Nomar Garciaparra from the Boston Red Sox.

Inside Pitch: What has been your best moment in baseball to this point?

Daniel Muno: My freshman year we won the College World Series.

Inside Pitch: As you probably know, New York is known for its high intensity atmosphere. What do you think about the prospect of one day playing in New York?

Daniel Muno: I'm very excited and it's going to be awesome to play for the New York fans. I'm going to bring what I can to the team, the city, and the organization.

Inside Pitch: What are your immediate plans now that you've been drafted? Are you going to sign immediately?

Daniel Muno: Yes definitely, I want to sign now and as soon as I can.

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