Spring Q&A with Kyle Allen

Allen feels confident his injury is behind him

The 2010 season did not go as hoped for Kyle Allen. An up-and-down year on the mound was exasperated by a lower back injury which sapped some of his strength and his effectiveness. But now the right-hander is confident the injury is behind him as he gears up for his fourth season in the organization. Look inside to get his thoughts on his offseason, his spring and more.

InsidePitchMagazine: Last year was a tough season for you at times, one that ended with the back injury. How did your offseason go and how are you feeling now?

Kyle Allen: I'm feeling really strong right now. I got a little rest in the offseason. I worked my tail off and I'm feeling ready to go. I got my body in real good shape. The trainers here were really good with me. I'm stretching really hard every day. At this point, I really feel fine. I feel like the injury is behind me and I'm just looking forward to getting back out there and pitching like I know I can.

Inside Pitch: Was your offseason throwing program pushed back at all or were you on target for most of the winter?

Allen: I was out for about 6 to 8 weeks, and then I went through six weeks of therapy. Then the Mets had me come down once a month for a week and that really got me back in shape and ready to go. I'm here now and I'm feeling like the injury is behind me.

Inside Pitch: You were back in time for STEP camp, which I think was an important first step. Now, STEP camp is nothing new for you. You've been there before. But, was getting into the program on time important? Was it something you worked toward during the offseason?

Allen: Everybody wants to get into big league camp and get into spring training. That's something I want to do, but STEP camp is right under it. So, I know it was a good opportunity to come in and show what I can do. That's fine for right now. I never really thought my injury was going to keep me out of camp or make me start the season later than everyone else. I didn't think it'd roll over into the new year. I planned on coming into camp fresh and ready to go, and I feel like I am.

Inside Pitch: How are you feeling on the mound so far? How do you feel the ball is coming out of your hand at this point? Your arm strength?

Allen: My arm is feeling really good right now. I'm getting my mechanics down and I'm trusting my pitches and just let the movement work. I feel like I'm ready for the season. I really want to pound the strike zone this year. That's something I didn't do enough of last year. I'm going to let my pitches, my velocity and let my movement do the work and go right after hitters. I'm going to go out there with my 100 percent effort at all times.

Inside Pitch: There has been some coaching turnover in the minor league ranks this year, but has any coach given you a little more one-on-one time this spring? Is there any one coach you're doing who's help you specifically?

Allen: Rick Tomlin has been there for a lot of my bullpen sessions. I think he's doing a great job as pitching coordinator. I've been working with him, Marc Valdes, Mark Brewer and they've all been a huge help. I've been working with Phil Regan too. I can't really say any one coach, they're all great coaches and all of them help in a bunch of ways. I use everybody's information to the best of my ability to make myself better.

Inside Pitch: You've got the fastball and changeup, but how important do you think the breaking ball will be for you this year?

Allen: You know, I've had a real good feel for it during camp so far, so I'm feeling confident with it heading into the season. I've got my breaking ball back and with all my pitches and I'm just excited to start the season. I know I can pitch better than I did last year and I'm just hungry to go out there and show what I can really do.

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