Nieuwenhuis Ends Season On a Positive Note

Nieuwenhuis made his Triple-A appearance in 2010

BUFFALO, NY - Kirk Nieuwenhuis' status as one of the organization's highest rated prospects gained more notoriety when he was promoted to Triple-A Buffalo in August. The third-year outfielder had mixed results at the highest level yet of his career, but his 2010 ended on a positive note which he hopes will help him into the offseason.

It's been a surprising season for Bisons center fielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis this season.

Spending most of the season in Binghamton, Nieuwenhuis put up some impressive numbers for the B-Mets while he was there. He hit .289 in 94 games with 16 home runs and 60 RBI.

When he was called up, the Bisons were hoping his success at the Double-A level would translate to Triple-A and help the Herd in their bid for a wildcard spot. Nieuwenhuis had an up-and-down stint with Buffalo at the plate but showed off his skills in the outfield on a nightly basis.

In only a little more than a month with the team, Nieuwenhuis made some of the most exciting and jaw-dropping catches in the outfield of the season. His fundamentally sound defense is what makes him such a special player and should provide Mets fans with hope for the future.

In the middle of August, Nieuwenhuis left the team to attend a family members wedding and when he returned he struggled at the plate. He feels he may have been pressing and that was why he had some trouble for while.

"To come [to Buffalo] and not be able to hit [was difficult]," Neiuwenhuis said. "You just want to show all the guys you can hit."

Nieuwenhuis finished the season hitting .225 in 30 games for the Bisons. He recorded two home runs and 17 RBI and struck out 39 times. Especially because of some struggles, it's been nice for Nieuwenhuis to see some familiar faces around the locker room since coming to Buffalo.

It's good to see players from Binghamton doing well at this level," Nieuwenhuis said. " And there are plenty of other guys down there too. It's been fun coming up with some of the same guys and hopefully we can continue to move up."

There were signs of hope for Nieuwenhuis, however. He had a nice run at the end of the season, racking up nine hits in his final nine games; three of which were multi-hit games. On September 3, he went 3-for-3 and was one of the only Bisons to get a hit in the game. The 23-year-old will head into the off-season looking to improve as much as possible.

"I have to keep working on my swing and my approach offensively," Nieuwenhuis said. "Just try and do whatever it takes [to get better]." Recommended Stories