Holt Discusses a Very Trying Season

Holt's 2010 season did not go as planned

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - Expectations were high for 2008 first round pick Brad Holt when he arrived for spring training. Six months later, Holt looks back at a season that veered significantly from the course both he and the coaches hoped he would take in 2010. Inside Pitch caught up with Holt who analyzed his struggles this season and offers insight into how he can correct them as he moves forward.

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Brad Holt has had an emotional season that's revealed more lows than highs for the lanky right-hander. He started the season off with an impressive spring, but spent the first several weeks of the 2010 season on the disabled list with a wrist injury and wasn't the same player since. His struggles brought him from Binghamton to St. Lucie, and he's gone through a complete overhaul of his pitching technique.

"It's been a roller coaster with positives and negatives, mostly negatives. It's been tough and an off year for me. I haven't had my velocity or control much this season and it started to get in my head. I'm starting to get back to the basics by watching a lot of film with the coaches," Holt discussed.

I think we've made some good adjustments. We went back to the older film and have been trying to get back to where I was before."

Holt's control issues eventually developed into confidence issues and that's when his down hill slide really grew legs. In all, the 2008 first round pick finished the season with a 3-14 record, an 8.34 ERA and an 87/79 strikeout-to-walk ratio in just 95 innings pitched between Binghamton and St. Lucie.

"At first it was great in the spring, but it went down hill after I came off the disabled list. My fastball was cutting and sinking when it shouldn't have been. I didn't have much control and I knew it was a mechanical issue," he said. "That snowballed into a mental issues and we had to revamp everything and get back to the basics."

His mechanical issues weren't noticeable at first to Holt, but with the help of the St. Lucie Mets pitching coaches he's getting back on track to becoming a force on the mound once again.

"It can sneak up on you and then all of the sudden you realize your mechanics are different and not like they should be. I think it was gradual and I've worked hard to fix it," he stated.

Holt has stayed positive through this whole experience and knows he can get out of the rut, but it take some intensive work with his coaches.

"I've tried hard to stay positive and get through everything. I know my stuff is still there, its just finding it again when I'm out on the mound," Holt replied. "Its how baseball is, it's a game of adjustments and it hard sometimes. For the most part we've done better and have made some progress to getting it fixed. I should continue to get better from here."

The season ends on Sunday and Holt hopes for a winter ball call up. He'd like to see a little more action before he calls it a year and goes into the offseason to clear his mind for next spring.

"They haven't said yet on winter ball but I think I'll be going somewhere. I think it'll be a good thing for me to see a little more action, but in the end it's not up to me," he revealed. "This game is so mental it'll be a good thing to get a break, but winter ball isn't too long so I'll get plenty of time to relax and still put in some good work."

Before Holt goes into the offseason he'll have one more chance to impress the staff. He's steadily improved over his last few outings and knows what another productive day on the mound will do for his confidence.

"I think knowing myself and knowing my delivery is the biggest thing, that along with being able to fill up the strike zone. I think I'll be good to go next season for sure, there is only one way to go from this season and that's up," Holt finished. "I've got the last start on Sunday and I really want to finish on a high note."

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